The Mere in Ellesmere

The Mere in Ellesmere is a legacy created by the retreating ice age and subsequent melt water some 10,000 years ago (Global warming?) and is the largest of nine meres and mosses to be found in this unique landscape.

The Mere

Covering over 48 hectares - that's over 70 football pitches - and some 19 metres deep, the Mere provides a home to an abundance of wildlife.

For the fit there are rowing boats to take out and a steam boat for the less energetic; both provide a chance to appreciate the scale of the Mere from the water line.






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What's On?

Species Seekers...

The Ellesmere Branch of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Monthly meeting with guest speaker Stuart Edmunds.

Date: 3/12/2015 - 3/12/2015

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