General Information

Looking for or able to Offer Help:

  • You can also ask for help or offer help on the Facebook group Ellesmere Elves

Local Businesses still open:

  • Here we provide a list of the shops and businesses in Ellesmere which are still open or operating
  1.  Shops and Businesses – Opening Times 
  2. Businesses – Contact Information only

Food & Takeaways:

1) Food shops – opening times 

2) Takeaways – opening times

3) Pete’s Meals on Wheels, temporarily operating from the Red Lion, Ellesmere with information from Lois and Simon at the Red Lion

Gas & Electricity Cards

Here is a list of where you are still able to buy gas and electricity cards


  • Videos showing simple self-care techniques to help relieve tension, stress and pain in your body, including techniques for the hips, sacrum, neck, shoulders, hands and lower back.





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