Marilyn's HRT - (Happiness Replenishment Therapy)

Mandie Bridge - Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Positivity Guru. 
It is my vocation to facilitate change in others to help them create a life they love. My demographic is mainly female but the same tools work for all! 
I have 7 years in the weight loss industry and 15 years of teaching and coaching in schools and business.
I am situated on Cross Street Ellesmere and have a huge Facebook following where you can can see inspiring Live Broadcasts every weekday morning. 
I am available as a coach on a one to one basis either face to face or online. I also run workshops where groups can support each other in common quests and I am available for motivational or after dinner speaking. 
Find me on FB, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn or call me on 07940099136

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Cross Street
SY12 0AW


07940 099136

Marilyn's HRT - (Happiness Replenishment Therapy)