Karma Waters

Holiday Hire and Skippered Retreats

Discover the relaxing way of canal life by taking a narrow boat holiday or retreat. Get closer to nature as you cruise the calm waterways observing the wildlife and stepping into the tranquillity of Mother Nature. Slow down the pace of life as you cruise at 3-4 mph, negotiate locks, bridges and other canal features, meet fellow boaters and residents of the canal and maybe get a glimpse of the nostalgic old working boats on your journey.


Karma Waters are in their introductory year for offering Canal boat holidays and retreats. It is their aim to offer you a safe, enjoyable and relaxing experience. The owner has been living on the canals for the last 7 years and has experience of hiring and operating boats and has assigned prices that are both attractive and competitive. All necessary safety and operational instructions will be given at the handover stage of your holiday or at the start of your retreat.



07521 376009