Welcome to Ellesmere, North Shropshire

Ellesmere has always been an important settlement ever since those clever ancient Britons found that the magnificent glacial Mere was an ideal place for some genuine rest and relaxation. You know the sort of thing – a spot of fishing, gentle boating and gazing at the views and wildlife.

Ellesmere still draws people in today for exactly the same reasons, although there’s much more to do today than simply standing and staring at the Mere, spectacular though it is; For a start there are formal gardens and woodland walks with art and sculpture trails to take in and there’s the motte and bailey of the castle grounds – good place for a picnic and what’s more you can buy all you need to eat from any one of the delicatessens in the town.

The wildlife and Heron Watch has always been synonymous with Ellesmere so you can get back to nature from the comfort of the indoor viewing area.

However it’s hard to imagine that this pretty little market town in the heart of the Shropshire countryside was actually the catalyst for one of the greatest canal networks in the country and subsequent feats of breathtaking engineering that challenged the great Thomas Telford but it’s true. The town even gave its name (very generously) to Ellesmere Port to confirm the fact – more of this later on.

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